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Greet Los-Romeijn
Oosterstraat 15
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Tuesday, April 25th 2017 we had to say "good bye" to our beloved Alex Gauche...he was almost 12 years old and suffering from kidney all happened within 4 weeks....he was never ill even never got antibiotics and than suddenly....bang...gone.

Another of the first born Barbets in Holland is gone to join his mother Udine and sisters Amy and Azara somewhere over the rainbow

It is so hard to understand.

A couple of month’s ago he had his last mating an for that purpose he was checked on his health and his semen. Both were in excellent condition.

And than all the sudden, probably caused by a parasite, his kidney function was affected and at the moment the vet concludes that it is already too late.

His latest litter was with Maria Marang, the Lovable QQ litter.

The photo’s she made before the mating show his perfect condition than.

He gave 11 beautiful pups.

As an homage to him we add these lovely pictures here to remember him by.

We are very glad he had a great part to make our Quaciëndaskennel successful. He has descendants all over the world and we are happy to have some in our place .

We thank Paula Valkhof and Nel Bolderdijk his owners and our friends who were always willing to cooperate with us....

And who we of course supported in the difficult decision they had to make and be present and the heartbreaking moment of letting him go…….

Gauche we love you and we will never forget what you ment to us...

Paula, Nel, Greet and Alex

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